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Why We Use Alpha Bio Brand Dental Implants

Nobel are our house dental implants

Many patients ask us what kind of dental implants we use, and what kind of dental implants we have the tools for. While we are able to work within a number of dental implant systems, Nobel brand Alpha Bio dental implants are, and remain our house dental implants. This means they are our go to dental implant of choice, and we will recommend them to anyone coming into our clinic, and we have the tools for them as well. Although other brands of dental implants can be and frequently are very good, both in quality and in availability, there are several notable features which makes it very much worth it for us and our patients to invest in Nobel brand dental implants.

The Nobel brand

Nobel is by far the biggest and most prolific dental implant manufacturer in the world. They have coverage of every continent, have the most dental implants, and own the overwhelming majority of the “brands” (like Alpha Bio) that people are aware of. Therefore it is best for us to use their brands, and to use equipment that can be used with one of the many Nobel brand dental implants.

Availability and accountability

With a company of this size, there are certain safety measures that are guaranteed. First off is availability. If you have Nobel brand dental implants, then you can find a clinic that can deal with them and check on them and maybe even adjust them if necessary on every continent, and in most every city. Alpha Bio are the most popular dental implants of the Nobel brand, and are thus available everywhere and can be reached in a very wide variety of formats. Nobel industries rely on their good name, and their name makes them a lot of money. This is why they have guarantees on their dental implants, and can be held accountable for the quality of their products, making them the safest bet in the world of dental implants.

Alpha Bio

As mentioned, Alpha Bio is the premier brand of Nobel industries, and is the brand of dental implant which has the most forms, which means that there are so many different shapes, sizes and surface treated varieties of this dental implant that it can be thought of as a fact that they can supply one for your specific needs, regardless of which tooth you seek to replace, and what special specification you may need. It is also the most prolific brand form Nobel, and can be used everywhere. This versatility and ease of operation is what makes Alpha Bio the best choice for our clinic, and we believe, for our patients as well.  


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