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A dental implant

Most patients who are thinking of getting dental implants recoil from the shock of the price tag that is attached to such procedures. With a single dental implant going for easily above one thousand GBP, not to mention all of the procedures around the dental implant, many Brits feel they simply cannot afford to get this life changing dental procedure. Dental implants are the best way we know of to replace teeth, as they replace every anatomical aspect of the tooth in question, and perfectly restore chewing function, speech and aesthetic appearance.

Real price

Although quite a bit expensive, they are actually cheaper in the long run than getting any other kind of tooth replacement. This is because once in, the dental implants will not need to be replaced if properly cared for, and will stop other, potentially very expensive dental problems associated with tooth loss from occurring. So spending on dental implants is actually a very good investment, as later on you will not have to. Although this fact is interesting, it does not make dental implants more affordable, but there are two things to consider before rejecting the idea of dental implants entirely.

Dental implants with crowns and abutments

Payment plans

Although not on the NHS list of government sponsored services, most private clinics that offer dental implant therapy will have some kind of payment plan so as to be more inclusive. These usually entail a larger down payment at first, and then monthly or bi-monthly payments to ease the burden of paying for dental implants for patients. If you are not sure if your dentist has a payment plan for dental implants, ask them. Even if the answer is no, you will surely get some information that can help you. You can also come to Forest and Ray and get your dental implants with us, as we provide payment plans for our patients.

Dental implants abroad

Dental implants are the main reasons people travel abroad for dental treatment. They can be had for a fraction of the price in the same great quality, implanted by the same great dental professionals with the same amount of skill, in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Private clinics there are just as good, if not better than the ones you will find in England, and will cost a lot less. We at Forest and Ray specialise in having clinics in both London and Budapest, and can thus facilitate an easier and even cheaper exchange.

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