Nervous patients

Dental phobia can make the already difficult task of getting to the dentist nearly impossible, but we at Forest & Ray believe that everyone has a right to health and to healthy teeth, so we take extra care to make sure that our patients who suffer from anxiety get the most comfortable and friendliest dental care possible, by giving dental treatments that are tailored to their needs.

Nervous patients

You can talk about it

Many people suffer from dentistry related anxiety, so you are not alone, your problem is not embarrassing or extreme. It is very important that you realize and admit that you have dental phobia, so that you can talk about it and get over our fear of the doctor, which our patient and caring dentists can help. These phobias are frequently caused by bad experiences in childhood, but can appear spontaneously out of the blue, but no matter the cause, anxiety can be treated with the following techniques.

Specify your problem

It is important to understand what aspect or thing about dentistry is the most stressful or fearsome for you; is it a certain procedure, a process, is it teeth in general, or doctors, etc. This will help us better concentrate on what it is you are afraid of, and try to limit your exposure to it, thereby limiting stress and maximizing comfort.

You are in control

We will help you to feel in control throughout the entirety of your treatment by giving you all of the information you need, and allowing questions about anything at any point in the process. Agree on a signal and the dentist will stop working when you give it.


There are many ways to draw your attention away from your treatment, and these can be different from person to person. You can ask the nurse or dentist to talk to you, or you can listen to music you like during the procedure, etc.

Early appointments

We recommend early morning appointments to our anxious patients, as this way you will not have had all day to stress out over your appointment. You will be done with your treatment in the morning and you will be able to spend the rest of your day relaxed and happy.

Multiple appointments

Take it in steps with mutiple appointments: You don’t have to have everything done all at once, Perhaps getting just a consultation or a cleaning, or just a filing at first is best, as this way you can get to know your dentist, experience our pain free dental treatments, and gather your strength for a bigger or more serious dental treatment, should it be necessary.


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