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Forest & Ray Implant Center in LondonMore and more people are turning to Forest and Ray Ltd London for their dental implant needs. Dental implant treatments are becoming more popular because of their durability, reliability, and the ease with which they can be used and cleaned, not to mention the fact that they are the most aesthetically pleasing solution for tooth replacement. With dental implant sales on the rise, and Forest and Ray providing the leading, most affordable dental implants in London, it is no surprise that more and more patients are choosing us for their implant treatment needs. Coupled with the fact that our implantologists are some of the most experienced and internationally sought after, you get a combination that simply cannot be beat!

Besides dental implants, Forest and Ray provides all types of dentistry imaginable, including cosmetic dentistry, tooth fillings, and extractions; we provide dental x-rays for single teeth as well as panoramic x-rays.

Cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry

This includes all non-essential, non-orthodontic dental care, such as tooth jewelry or veneers, and also includes hygiene sessions and half-year check ups as well as tooth whitening sessions.  

General Dentistry




General dentistry

This includes white fillings and we also provide tooth extractions, including the extraction of wisdom teeth, as well as surgical and non-surgical extractions. We provide a wide variety of endodontic treatments, including the healing of abscessed teeth and gums and root canal treatments.



Braces, orthodontics


Braces, orthodontics

We provide orthodontic treatments at regular intervals, and we have a variety of braces for those interested in them. We have standard metal as well as tooth colored brackets. We also provide incognito braces as well, which are totally invisible.



Dental Implants

Dental ImlpantA dental implant is a metallic structure that is inserted into your jawbone, in the same space previously occupied by the root of the natural tooth. This part of the implant is invisible, since it is covered by your jaw bone and gums, with nothing but the abutment sticking out into your actual oral cavity. This abutment serves as a fixture for a high quality crown designed to look like the tooth you got replaced.


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