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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryThe term cosmetic dentistry encompasses all dental treatments with a primarily aesthetic purpose. While whitening and veneers are the most common cosmetic procedures at our dental clinic, inlays and onlays, crowns, and even bridges can fall under this category.

Tooth whitening is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry

It diminishes stains and helps fight discoloration of the teeth, and can actually cause the pigmentation of the teeth themselves to become lighter. How white your teeth get will depend on how severely the teeth are discolored, what material caused the discoloration, and the natural color of your teeth. If you smoke, regularly drink tea or coffee, the brownish stains caused by these activities can lighten up to 4-5 shades. Teeth that have gone grey from antibiotics use or form natural pigmentation can lighten 2-3 shades. Whatever the reason or the natural color of your teeth, you can see the difference after only one session.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a porcelain, zirconium, or metal-based reproduction of your actual tooth. Once parts of the visible tooth needs to be removed due to infection or damage, a  crown can be placed on the tooth stub in order to get a more aesthetically pleasing look. This dental treatment takes 2-4 visits, the first being the removal of the damaged parts of the tooth, and once the tooth is cured it can be cut to fit the crown. Then the crown is placed on top of the stub and held fast. A crowned tooth is safer to eat with, protects the nerve from being exposed thus preventing pain and discomfort, and is much more aesthetically pleasing than a broken or missing tooth.

Dental crowns can be made of different materials, thus the price can vary significantly. We are dedicated to help you find the best option for you, and hence we keep plenty of sizes and materials in stock at all times.

A dental bridge is a row of crowns used for replacing multiple teeth. Sometimes more teeth can be missing next to each other, and in this case we can use a bridge to cover the entire affected areas. Different materials can be used for the individual crowns in the dental bridge, thus prices may vary. To better suit your needs, when you buy more units the units themselves become cheaper.

Dental veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that can be placed on an existing tooth to give it a different color or to make them appear brighter. Used by many in the movie industry, veneers are a great way to raise confidence and are virtually painless. Our veneers come in three different kinds, tailor made to your budget.