FAQ - Dental Bridge

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is a row of dental crowns fused together, used for the replacement of more than one missing tooth that are next to each other. They can be located on an artificial gum material, like resin or even metal, or they can be just the crowns themselves. They can replace any number of teeth, but when an entire row of teeth are replaced, it is referred to as a denture.

Dental Bridge

Is the wait longer for a bridge than with an individual crown?

Generally, no. Since the mold is given, it will not take considerably longer to make ten crowns than one. And after the units are fused, coating them in porcelain takes roughly the same amount of time. The difference is not appreciable in days.

I am allergic to metals. Can I still get a metal bridge?

Yes you can. The surgical alloy we use is a hypoallergenic alloy of molybdenum, chrome and cobalt. Even people with metal allergies do not generally have an allergic reaction to this special alloy.

Bridge Repair Kits and the Dangers Of DIY

Damaged Goods

If you have ever experienced a breakage or chipping of your dental bridge, you may have encountered the problem of having to wait for a long time with an uncomfortable, potentially dangerous, faulty appliance. They may become hard to clean, cut your tongue, become loose or damage the teeth and tissue in your mouth. You want a solution fast but your doctor will not be in for two more weeks. What to do?

Dental37Repair Kits

Over the counter dental bridge repair kits and repair systems are available in most pharmacies and medical supplies stores. They usually involve tiny brushes, dental cement that is non toxic and can adhere ceramic or metal to teeth and gums, as well as syringes that can get the cement to stick where it is needed. They may also include a flat scraping device used to remove extra or excess amounts of putty or dental cement. More often than not these kits are called denture repair kits, but worry not, they are the same thing as a bridge repair kit, because a denture is basically a fixed bridge that covers the entire row of teeth of a patient.

Tread Carefully!

These repair kits are made to handle situations that are not very difficult to repair. This means minor chips and small breakage, or a small crack that needs to be filled with temporary tooth filling material (composite gradia, often also a part of the dental repair kit), but nothing major! A dental bridge is a complex piece of work, and dental technicians take years to master their craft, not to mention that each bridge is specifically made for the user and only that one user, and an adjustment may make the bridge uncomfortable, or even unwearable, and when that appointment does come around, you may need to buy a whole new bridge because you have ruined your old one in trying to repair it! If any pieces are missing or do not align properly, do not start repairs on the bridge, wait for a professional to look at it. If the bridge has become warped or will not fit back into the spot it was removed from or fell out of, do not try to repair it, get an appointment as soon as possible to see the dentist who made your bridge. Otherwise, happy pasting, and good luck!

How do I know which bridge to get?

That depends on what is being replaced. First ask yourself, are there teeth to both sides of the gap that I have? If not, then your options are considerably limited, as a floating bridge that is hooked up to teeth in both sides is out of the question. If only one side has teeth next to it, then a cantilever bridge is the only way to go. If there are no teeth to both sides of it, than you are getting a denture, aren’t you?

The other thing to consider is how many teeth you are getting replaced, and whether or not you are thinking of getting dental implants as well. We strongly recommend getting dental implants, because they will stop tooth loss as a condition from setting in. Bridges alone cannot do that.   

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