Can I have veneers?

If you want to cover up already existing healthy teeth because they are unsightly, or perhaps because you are not completely satisfied with them, then veneers are right for you. As they pose no threat or add extra weight on your teeth or jaw line, even people with weak teeth and bones can get them. There are a number of dental adhesives available, so even people who might be allergic to surgical adhesives can have their smiles just the way they want them with dental veneers.

If there is structural damage to the tooth or teeth in question, a crown, inlay, or dental implant might be a better choice for you.

Can I have Veneers?

Do remember that to apply a veneer a small amount of tooth surface must be removed, thus making this an irreversible procedure. With the vast array of cosmetic possibilities in modern dentistry, it’s a good idea to read about all your options and talk with a professional to see if veneers are the best treatment for you.


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