What are dental veneers?

Dental veneersDental veneers are thin slivers of porcelain or composite designed to give everyone that famous Hollywood smile. Veneers can change the look of one tooth or enhance your entire smile. Not only can they brighten or hide flaws, but a veneer can even change the slant of a slightly misaligned tooth.

Though veneers are typically cosmetic, dentists can also use them to repair minor surface damage, in order to ensure the future health of a tooth.

Veneers or whitening?

If you have no minor cosmetic flaws to correct, and a brighter smile is your only goal, consider your lifestyle to find the right choice. Since natural teeth stain more easily than porcelain, the longevity of whitening treatments is determined by use. Those who do not smoke, or drink a lot of red wine, coffee, or tea, or those who grind their teeth would probably be better off whitening; those who enjoy a frequent bottle or a good cigar might find dental veneers a smarter long-term option. You should also consider upkeep. Whitening lasts a while, but eventually your bright smile will begin to fade. Veneers allow you to keep that now-famous smile.

Are dental veneers affordable?

It would be a  good indicator to consider the cost on a more practical scale. Veneers last for 10 years on average, so move the decimal point in your quote over one; and then divide by 12 if you prefer to think monthly. Depending on the number of teeth you’d like to treat, the cost could be less than you spend each month on tea, or each year on dinners out. And unlike that tartan blazer, white teeth never go out of style.

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