Process - Dental Veneers

Dental veneers require three dental appointments. The number of appointments necessary does not decrease with the number of teeth undergoing this procedure, meaning that placing veneers on one tooth or all of your teeth will require three visits to our dental clinic.

Step by step 

Dental Veneers - Fist Visit

Your dentist will assess your oral condition and the shape of your teeth, and he will  make a treatment plan for you. In order to get the best treatment plan available, i.e. the one that conforms the most to the desired outcome that you want, discussion between you and your dentist is indispensable. How else will he know what sort of new look you want? The discussion between patient and dentist is always very important, but with cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, it truly is all important. After this discussion is had and you have agreed upon a procedure, the first visit is over.

Dental Veneers - Second visit

About 1-2 millimeters of enamel will be removed form your tooth, roughly the depth of the veneer itself. After this an impression of your teeth will be taken, so we can customize the veneers to your teeth. The final veneers take about 2 weeks to make; during this time you will be fitted with temporary veneers, or with nothing at all, as you prefer.

Dental Veneers - Third visit

Is when the finished veneers get cemented to your teeth. The doctor will repeatedly place the veneers on your teeth, to check that they are exactly the right size and shape, and the doctor will also help you in determining if it is the color that you wish it to be. It is important that any sort of problems you have (with regards to color, shape, the edges, the material, anything at all) should be discussed BEFORE the veneers are cemented to your teeth!! The doctor will make any appropriate adjustments to the size of the veneer. This may take some time. After the veneers are looking good, but before cementation occurs, a deep cleaning of the teeth will occur. After that your teeth need to be etched. This helps a tooth better respond to the adhesive. The veneers will then receive a coat of adhesive and be placed on your teeth, thus cementing them. After that a light will be shone on the teeth, helping the bonding agent harden. If there is any excess cementing material that will be removed, and after that,all that is left is to enjoy your new smile and show it off everywhere!  


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