FAQ - Smile Makeovers

If I know what procedures I want, do I still need a consultation session?

The consultation session is not optional. Even if you know all of the prices and procedures that you want, we still need to see the conditions inside of your mouth, as the prices and procedures may vary accordingly. The consultation session may be greatly shortened if you already know what you would like to have, however it still needs to be had, if for no other reason then for you to communicate your needs to the dentist. He may also suggest an alternative better for your particular situation that you may not have read about yet. The x-ray is not mandatory, as we accept any brought in x-rays no older than 3 months. However, some sort of x-ray will be needed.

Smile Makeovers - FAQ

How much do smile makeovers cost?

As smile makeovers are a broad name for several different procedures, the price varies greatly. Generally such procedures or sets of procedures are costly. The most expensive is of course orthodontic treatments, especially when coupled with other aesthetic procedures. Implants can also be quite costly, and may be necessary for a smile makeover. However if it just a question of whitening or extractions, for instance, then it is relatively cheap. Your dentist will always name the price of each treatment individually in the treatment plan, and at the end of the treatment plan there will always be a total sum.   

Price: £5,8/D

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