Process - Smile makeovers

Although a smile makeover can include a bunch of different treatments, there are some similarities as regards to procedure that are true for all.

Smile Makeovers - Process

Dental treatment step by step

During your first visit, the doctor will check your teeth and prepare a treatment plan that takes all of your stated needs into consideration. A panoramic x-ray will almost definitely be taken of your mouth, as this is almost always indispensable to making a treatment plan. After deciding on which procedures you will want, and after you agree on a treatment plan that is right for you, you can then establish a payment plan for when and how you will want to pay for the procedures. Once treatment actually begins there are many variables involved. As each treatment plan is designed uniquely to your needs, it’s best to read up on the different procedures you’re interested in to get an idea of what your overall treatment will entail.

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