FAQ - White fillings

Why composite white fillings instead of amalgam or other materials?

We use composite material over amalgam fillings for a number of reasons. It is always better to use something non-metallic if it is going to be inserted into the human body. Amalgam has been shown to be carcinogenic and a mild irritant (these two properties are related of course), and this is why we prefer to use non-metallic fillings. If the patient insists on amalgam fillings, we do try to talk him out of it, but if he insists then we will comply. We do not have amalgam filling material on hand, however, so another appointment will be necessary. Upon request we can use precious metals such as gold to fill teeth, but this is much more expensive than white fillings.

White Fillings - FAQ

Can all cavities be filled with white fillings?

Sometimes cavities can become big enough that a simple filling simply will not do the trick to restore them to health. In this case we generally use intracoronal restoration techniques, such as inlays and onlays. A good portion of the tooth has to be structurally compromised in order for this to be a better option.

If you use the same materials for fillings, why are there different prices?

The price depends on the size of the cavity, the time required to prepare the tooth and the amount of materials we have to use in order to fill it.

I have just had a cavity filled and the pain persists. Is this normal?

If the cavity is deep enough to leave the nerve exposed or partially exposed after treatment, then you may feel some pain for the next couple of weeks. This does not necessarily mean that the treatment was unsuccessful, it simply means that the nerve has not yet become used to its new environment. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold may also occur during these times.

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