Do I need Bone grafting?

You need a bone graft if your jawbone does not have enough bone material to secure an implant. The implant will need a solid foundation of bone in order to not become dislodged or otherwise moved during the normal wear and tear that comes from eating and biting. If you have a tooth that has been missing for a long time, and the bone has receeded due to not being pushed, than you may need a bone graft to augment the bone so that it may house the dental implant.

Do i need Bone grafting?

If you are over 65, you may experience weakening of bone material or bones becoming more brittle. If this is the case you may also need a bone graft. Those suffering from gingivital diseases, periodontitis, or any other sort of disease that may lead to gum and tooth loss may also need to have a bone graft in order to secure the success of a dental implant. The only way to know for sure if your jaw has receded enough to warrant the use of a bone graft is to have the dentist see your jaw during a dental implant consultation session, and he will tell you whether or not it is necessary. However, if your jaw bone is not thicker than three or four millimeters, a bone graft is very likely going to have to be done in order to ensure a successful implantation process.  

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