Process | Bone Replacement

First Step

If we detect that large amounts of bone material has been lost, then you may have to come to terms with the fact that the healing period after a bone augmentation or bone graft can be up to one year. The actual surgery is invasive, because we need to surgically open the area where the bone augmenting material is inserted. The dentist’s or implantologist’s orders need to be taken very seriously after the surgery, as your jaw is very vulnerable during this period of time and following these guidelines minimizes complications and unsavory side effects.

Process - Bone Repalecement

Dental Implant

The implant, after it has been inserted, becomes a part of our body, and our body needs to adjust to having a new “root” if you will, and this can take up to 6 months. Only after the body has properly accepted its new inhabitant can we put the abutment and the crown on the implant, thus giving you your new tooth.

It is plain to see that this procedure is not, in any sense of the word, a walk in the park. It is difficult, time consuming, and may require quiet a bit of patience. It is therefore vital that a good, trusting relationship is established between patient and dentist. However, if you are willing to manage the process and decide to get the bone graft and the implant, your new teeth can indeed brighten your smile and your life, even improving upon your old smile! You will radiate confidence like never before with your new, brighter, and healthier smile!  

Process - Bone Replacement - Dental Implants

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