What is bone grafting

Bone grafting is a process in which the bone material in your jaw is replaced or augmented with a foreign substance. This process might be necessary if you are suffering form periodontitis, if you have had a tooth missing for a long time, or if you have had significant bone loss for any reason and would like an implant. As the implant needs to be held by sufficient bone material to remain secure, bone grafting may be necessary to ensure the success of the implantation.

Four types of material may be used to replace or augment the bone in your jaw:

What is bone grafting?


These are bones taken from a human donor. This refers to when the bone material in question comes from you, meaning it is taken from somewhere inside your body.


This type of material comes from other animals, and their bone material has been modified so as to ensure that your body will not reject it.


This is a synthetic material that is compatible with humans.

The most common form of bone grafts today by far are synthetic bone replacement materials. Bone grafts can be done on both upper and lower jaws, but is somewhat more common for the upper jaw. In the case of the upper jaw, the sinus cavity may take the place of the missing bone material, and thus to get implantation done on your upper jaw you may need a sinus lift. This is a process in which they fill up the part of the sinus cavity in question with bone replacement material, and then place a membrane over the incision, so as to ensure that no material gets in your sinuses. After a successful bone graft, a patient needs to wait 4-8 weeks on average to have the implant inserted, if there is any waiting time at all. Case depending, the implant may be put in with the bone replacement material, thus the bone graft might not require an extra waiting period.


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