Denture Stabilization

Stabilization of your teeth is attainable even for those who wear dentures, even if those dentures have been in place for years. Wearing dentures is too often coupled with a feeling of shame or embarrassment. You become self-conscious about your dentures when you smile, you might experience embarrassing situations when you eat, you might even have to forego certain favorite foods altogether just because of insecure dentures.

You can forget this everyday hassle and stress factor entirely with our new denture stabilization!

What is denture stabilization?

Denture stabilization

Denture stabilization refers to a dental procedure that fixes the denture into ones mouth by way of dental implants. This will allow you to experience life as you did before dentures, enjoying all of the things you used to in the same manner, without any embarrassing side effects.

Step by step

On your first visit, an x-ray will be made to determine the condition of your jawbone, and to measure the density of your bone. Only after this procedure can the dentist make an adequate dental treatment plan. Because the denture gets stabilized via a dental implant this check up and survey is not optional, as we need to know if a bone graft is necessary or not.

Before receiving the dental implant, your jaw has to have enough bone material to make sure that the implant is stable. If not, it can through a process called bone grafting, during which we fill the jawbone up with a synthetic material, on which new bone can grow to support or replace, augmenting the bones to their former durability. Different people react differently to the bone replacement treatment, thus the time involved in healing your jaw line back to its former state may vary from patient to patient.

Denture Stabilization After the bone graft is complete, if indeed it is necessary at all, the dental implant can then be fixed in your mouth. The dental implant will have an underlining, for ease and comfort, as it will not hold a single tooth, but your denture in place.

The tooth implant is then fitted with a ball attachment, which comes with a special abutment. This abutment links up with an o-ring and a piece that is inserted into your denture with which you can click the denture in place. This stabilizes the denture, allowing no movement. No cement or adhesive is used, as the denture will be connected directly to an implant, thus avoiding all of the uncomfortable and debilitating problems of previous methods.    


Where as wearing dentures used to provide temporary solutions for tooth loss, we now offer a permanent solution without embarrassing side effects. With our denture stabilizing dental treatment, you will be getting back all of the control and ease that your natural teeth used to provide, your confidence will return to normal, and you can enjoy all of your favorite foods once again.

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