Denture Stabilization Benefits


The benefits of a denture stabilization, as opposed to a cemented denture, is that the denture will be fixed in place. Even the best of adhesives will eventually break down into chemicals that no longer adhere the denture to your gums or teeth, and the metal hooks or wings that some dentures have can also get dislodged; a stabilized denture has absolutely no way of becoming loose or falling out. As the denture is fixed to the roof of your mouth with an implant and ball attachment, it simply cannot fall off. Go ahead, chomp into that apple!

The benefit of denture stabilization is that you do not have to use adhesives but can simply click your denture in place, you never need fear embarrassment or shame of your denture becoming dislodged, and can therefore partake in any activity you choose. As there is no adhesive involved, removing your denture is much easier with this solution - you just unclick and remove. Cleaning the denture is thus made easier too, making this a more hygienic, and thus more desirable, option. With so few downsides, why not consider a future without denture fear.

Denture Stabilization - Benefits

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