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Instant ImplantsWhat are Instant Implants?

As the name implies, instant implants are dental implants that can be implanted and then immediately used the same day, without having to wait through the healing time. Their alternative name reflects a little more about what they do and how they are used, as they were originally called immediate load dental implants. This means that as soon as you get them, once the anaesthetic wears off, you can start using them to bite and chew food. Otherwise they work on the same principle as regular, run of the mill dental implants.


Are Instant Implants right for me?

Instant implants have the best success rate among patients with healthy jaw bones. If our implantologist assesses your overall oral health and determines your bone density is too low, he or she will likely recommend a traditional implant instead.

Patients looking to replace multiple teeth via a bridge or stabilized dentures may require less bone density than needed for a single tooth replacement, as any pressure is spread, minimizing the chances of movement of the internal part of the implant.

Since the only real difference between traditional and instant implants is time, it comes down to the question of your individual situation.

Will it hurt?

During the insertion of the implant an anesthetic will be used, you will feel not a thing. While healing time and levels of pain are always individual, most people report only minor discomfort after the instant implant procedure.

Are Instant Implants just for single tooth replacement?

Absolutely not. In fact, some dentists prefer to allow full time for the healing process for single tooth replacement but do not hesitate to use immediate load implants with bridges or dentures.

Are Instant Implants more expensive than traditional dental implants?

Generally, no. The overall structure is the same in both traditional and immediate load implants, the only real difference is time. All dental implants vary in price based on materials and duration of guarantee.

What Brands Carry Instant Dental Implants?

Almost all of the major companies and dental implant manufacturers carry instant versions of their best products. All of the brands under Nobel Industries carry instant implants. 3i also has an instant version, as does the Branemark system.

What Are Some Potential Complications Involved In Getting Instant Implants?

The complications are the same as for regular dental implants, except there is no chance of friction, and friction induced peri-implantitis, and thus there is no chance of movement. Possible complications include:

  • Infections can occur at the implantation site
  • The jaw bone can fracture or have hairline cracks from immediate loading.  


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