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Instant Implants - Tooth Implant in LondonBefore instant dental implants were developed, dentists would advise against “loading” a freshly inserted implant with its artificial tooth for several months. This meant that you could not chew or bite, which can be a considerable disadvantage, especially for a front tooth. The reason for this is because of so-called “micro movements” inside the jawbone.

Although the implant has to be set tight enough not to move, there are some micro movements which can add up over time to give the implant a significant gap to move around in, which can lead to the dental implant setting at the wrong angle, which is always unaesthetic, and sometimes harmful, or even potentially dangerous. This time that is needed for regular implants to set into the bone, is referred to as osseointegration.

About the treatment

This can now be curbed or altogether cut out of your dental treatment. Osseointegration is not a factor in instant dental implants. With new technologies, and better x-ray machines, the doctor can see the inside of your jaw better. He can measure the amount of torque which is being generated, and can thus find the best way of implanting your tooth so that just the right amount of torque is used (too little and you get micro movements, too much and you might damage the jaw bone). There are specialized torque wrenches which allow the dentist to place the dental implant into your jaw with ease. The shape of the implant is tapered at the end, therefore making the most use of the smallest amount of torque. Osseointegration can now be achieved with instant dental implants even if they are being loaded immediately.

After you have had your tooth removed, you can immediately get the implant put into the socket, provided that you have enough jaw bone density and do not suffer from drug and alcohol problems or bruxism. The implant can be screwed in, a temporary crown placed, and an impression taken. All you need to do is come back within 2 weeks for your final crown and you are done!

Instant Implants - Tooth Implant in London

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