What is a sinus lift

When bone loss occurs in the upper jaw, your sinus grows down to occupy the new space. Should you wish to get a dental implant, there may be insufficient bone to secure the implant screw. In this case, a sinus lift might be a necessary part of bone grafting surgery. A sinus lift quite literally ‘lifts’ the sinus cavity membrane and fills the resulting space with grafting material, thus increasing the height of the bone. As dental implants have gained in popularity over the last decades, a sinus lift is now a commonplace procedure.

For recently lost upper molar replacement where little bone grafting is needed, it’s possible that sinus lift and implant insertion can be performed at the same time. Otherwise the dental implant must wait until your own bone has sufficiently regrown; this can take up to 8 months. Our dental professionals can asses your situation and give you an approximate timeline for your specific case.

Who needs a sinus lift?

The most common reason for a sinus lift or other bone replacement procedure is for a dental implant. Dental implants require a strong and stable foundation to securely function just like a natural tooth. Should the bone be too weak or missing entirely, dental bone grafting might be required.

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Sinus lift

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