Teeth loss

The loss of teeth is no fun once you have reached adult age. As children, the departure of our milk teeth is a much sought after event, waiting for the tooth fairy to leave candies or perhaps an early allowance under our pillow; this once innocent exchange becomes a regular trauma once we are grown. The financial side flips upside down as well- not only do you no longer get paid, but tooth replacement can cost you quite a pretty penny!

So how do we lose our teeth?

Regular dental hygiene tactics, such as brushing twice a day, gargling with mouthwash, and flossing are all methods used to prevent plaque and tooth decay, and these routines also help in keeping the dreaded gingivitis at bay. Seeing a dentist at least once every six months for a regular check-up (which Forest and Ray offers free of charge to our existing customers) is very important, because it can be the key to keeping on top of the battle against tooth decay, which we know is the root cause of most expensive and painful dental problems. That is why a regular dental check-up is an indispensable preemptive dental care tactic.

If teeth are not cared for, excruciating pain is likely to follow, as toothache is truly one of the most heinous of all bodily ailments. If neglected oral hygiene reaches epic proportions or becomes chronic, if malnutrition or insufficient digestion exists, or genetics predispose bad teeth (such hereditary mechanisms do in fact exist), then soon enough tooth loss becomes inevitable; after the loss of one or two teeth the ailment of tooth loss will become an everyday worry.

This is bad for a number of reasons.

Even if the aesthetic shortcomings can be reconciled, there is still a social stigma associated with missing teeth. In a world where perfect smiles are all around us on billboards and in movies, a full, radiant smile is a powerful ally in everyday dealings. This is why those suffering from tooth loss may become stigmatized. Aside from this, missing teeth may create new, unexpected oral situations. Favorite foods may no longer be enjoyed with accustomed zest and vigor. The inner order of the mouth changes drastically - the wear and tear that used to be equally distributed will be shifted, which will in time affect jaw bones as well.

What is to be done if this situation already happened?

If our teeth fall out because of an infection, then the first step is to treat the infection itself. A tooth may be lost due to uncontrollable forces, and sometimes the tooth in question simply cannot be saved. Sometimes a tooth can be broken while performing physical labor or enjoying sports activities (such as chess). In all cases, a tooth replacement is the best course of action for overall dental health, as our jaw bone tends to weaken if it is not supporting a tooth.

Having a tooth replacement is not shameful! There are numerous high quality treatments to help you with replacing that tooth with prostheses; a complete reconstruction is also possible, meaning that your new smile will mimic that of your old one in terms of shape and general disposition, but may even be brighter and better!

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Teeth loss


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