First step

Consultation sessions are absolutely necessary for the success of any dental treatment. They are the indispensable first meeting between doctor and patient. It is a short, 15-30 minute check up, during which the Doctor assesses the condition of your mouth and checks what sort of dental troubles you may have. After that, the doctor will make a treatment plan.

Single Tooth replacement - Consultation

Treatment plan

Treatment plans are exactly what they sound like - a recorded plan of what sort of treatments you need or may want to have. The treatment plan also works as a quote of the treatments that you will be receiving at our clinic, with each treatment individually priced and itemized. During the consultation session all options for your problem will be noted and outlined, if more than one solution exists. This is done so as to let you, the patient, decide which procedure or product is best for you, taking into account both the financial and the practical, and of course, medical aspects of the treatment plan.

Although we do try to satisfy patient needs, if a patient wants something done against doctor's recommendation, the doctor can in fact refuse medical treatments in the United Kingdom if he or she sees that that treatment will cause the aggravation of a medical condition or threatens the patient’s health in any way.

The cost of a consultation session is 37 GBP, but that price is deductible from the price of your treatment if you decide to proceed with our company. Orthodontic consultations are different from a general dental consultation session, cost more, and may take more time. To read about those, please read our orthodontics section.  

Price: £5,8/D

​Change your life once and for all with our top quality dental implants ‐ from the price of £5,8 per day only and no interest to pay.*

The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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