Process - Tooth Replacement

Tooth ReplacementDental implantation is an easy and reliable solution for tooth replacement. Although it might take more time than dentures or other prosthetic solutions, it is much more reliable and has many more purposes. Let us guide you through the process, to clear up why this solution takes the time it does:


Dental Consultation

During this session an x-ray is taken of your jawline, so we can see if you can be implanted at all. If the tooth is still in place, the extraction can take place during this visit as well. If an extraction is to be done, then your jaw will need some time to heal, probably from one to three months. Every person heals differently, so your healing time may differ from this allotted time.

Insertion of the Implant

After your gum line has healed from the extraction, the dental implant can then be implanted into your jaw. This is just the screw that will be in your jaw, and you may be given a temporary crown, depending on whether or not the implant can be “loaded” (this just means if it can handle the pressure and wear and tear from chewing) immediately or not.

Uncovering and healing screw

If your implants are completely covered by gum, which might be the case, than the initial stitches will be removed. Either way, an uncovering of the soft tissue around the implant will happen at this time, and a healing screw will be placed into the implant. An impression of your teeth will be taken at this point.

The Crown

Depending on the circumstances, there might be some healing time involved after you get the healing screw. Additionally, our technicians have to fabricate your personalized crown. After the healing screw is removed, the crown can then be placed onto your implant. 

After this you will be ready, with a new implant and a new smile!

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