Single Tooth replacement

Sometimes a tooth becomes so broken, infected, or problematic that it can no longer be built up with filling material or capped with a crown. In this case the best option is to replace the tooth entirely.

Single tooth replacement

Dental implants are the most effective method for single tooth replacements. Unlike tooth replacement via crowns or dentures, dental implants don’t require the use of surrounding teeth. There is no risk of future decay as the natural tooth is entirely gone. And because it is structured just like a natural tooth, it feels and acts just like your old tooth did. Though dental implants are more expensive, in the long run they might be more cost effective.

In situations where implants are not right for you, dentures and crowns are alternative treatments. To learn more about either please refer to the menu points along the top; our dentists can help you decide which is right for your situation.

Is tooth replacement affordable?

Different replacement methods have different price structures, and materials play a factor in cost as well. Whilst it would be difficult to say there is such a thing as a cheap dental implant, we try to make all dental treatments affordable with our flexible pricing plans; if you are interested in this one of our dental practice representatives would be happy to assist.

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Single tooth replacement

Price: £5,8/D

​Change your life once and for all with our top quality dental implants ‐ from the price of £5,8 per day only and no interest to pay.*

The offer is valid until withdrawal.

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