The most important aspect of dental treatment abroad as far as the patient is concerned is price. How much are we saving exactly? To give an idea, we will run the price list for a dental implant in London versus one in Budapest, and you can see the difference in costs.

Dental implant London

Crown-           347 GBP
Abutment-     497 GBP
Dental implant-         897 GBP
Total-              1699 GBP

Additional fees: You may have to pay extra fees for x-rays and CT scans, (which is around 43 GBP), and the 37 GBP fee for an initial consultation session with your dentist.

Dental implant Budapest

Crown: 208 GBP
Abutment: 285 GBP
Dental implant: 497 GBP
Total: 971 GBP
Additional fees: None to speak of, outside of travel and accommodations. X-rays and any scans are included in the fee so you do not need to worry about them, and consultations are free for all of our dental tourists.
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