Biocare implants

We also use Nobel’s self-developed line, called Biocare. Biocare implants are a bit more expensive, but are also of a higher-quality surgical titanium (all dental implants are made of this material). The basic advantage of the Biocare system is that it has three different abutment connection possibilities, meaning that you can switch the abutments you use; this gives you, the patient, greater flexibility in choosing crowns and abutments.

We also offer the unique, one-of-a-kind Biocare Replace dental implant system. This implant is the most used dental implant system in the world. This dental implant comes in both a tapered and a non-tapered variety. It has a special surface which makes it exceptionally easy to fit into soft bone tissue. This dental implant is colour-coded, with different colours indicating the varying widths of diameter.

Our dental professional will be happy to discuss options in detail during your consultation, to ensure that you get the right balance for your individual needs.

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