2011 Dental Recap

2011We present the brightest, the most bizarre, and the downright silly in dental innovations from the past year.

Spinach in your friend’s teeth? There’s an app for that. Just drag the offending bit of food to the appropriate place in the cartoon diagram in ToothPict and hit send.
Dirty Toothy Tabs chewable toothpaste tablets, from cosmetic giant Lush. Never lose the cap again.

Getting your teenage daughter to brush has never been easier - the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush (and microphone shaped flosser!)

Start kids early on dental excitement with the Underpillow Tooth Fairy Dream Kit

Colgate markets their new night toothpaste on pizza boxes, further distinguishing them from their sleepytime competition http://www.funniest-commercials.net/2011/02/colgate-max-night-clever-advertising.html) http://www.pearlydreams.net

When the two minute cycle on your electric toothbrush is simply too long, time for Hammacher Schlemmer superbrush, four heads for a simultaneous 40-second clean.

Too modern? Reach back to the dark ages with the truly retro This toothbrush. (Picture)

Or survey uncharted dental territory with the CCTV equipped Tooth Guardian.

Tastes Like Rain delivers the weather forecast right to your tongue


Credit crunch might be the driving force behind the glut of toothpaste squeezers flooding the market, though some seem to have a more sensible target audience than others

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste. What can you say, really.

She flinches, tires, and feels pain just like a human - Showa Hanako 2, the feeling dental robot, the absolute latest in dental training simulation

image: 1.

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