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5 Foods That Help Fight Tooth Decay II.

Some foods do wonders for the teeth. Our teeth, just like the rest of our body is made up of nutrients, minerals and carbon based compounds. Like the rest of our body, they need the right kinds of nutrients to replenish themselves and without them are subject to decay and damage. Here is a short list of foods that have the right stuff for your teeth and gums. Eating these will not stop tooth decay, but will strengthen your teeth and give them a fighting chance. Remember, a proper diet with rigorous oral health care, coupled with regular dentist checkups is the key to a healthy and pain free oral environment. 

Green tea

Green tea is good for all parts of your mouth, and your nervous system as well. It has all the benefits of coffee without any of the negative side effects. Tea contains a substance called catechins which kill bacteria that cause plaque and the bacteria that decompose food and cause bad breath.

Raw onions

Although not the best for your social life, onions are very effective at fighting S. mutans, one of the most prolific “bad” bacteria in the human oral environment. They are only good at it when eaten raw, however. But there is good news! The unpleasant odours caused by onions can be neutralized with parsley and other herbs.



Shiitake mushrooms contain a substance called lentinan, which is good for your teeth because they prevent the bacteria in your mouth from forming plaque. This inhibits them from clinging to your teeth and depleting your enamel.


Strawberries are quite acidic, but have an acid that is gentle and doesn’t harm your enamel very much. You can whiten your teeth with them by mashing them up and leaving them on your teeth for a few minutes. This procedure also breaks up plaque on the tooth surface.

Celery and carrots

Eating these foods isn’t good because of any compounds or chemicals in the food. They are great because of their physical characteristics; they are hard, so they scrape your teeth and the cracks between your teeth and thus remove plaque, and the high fibre content act as natural dental floss. Eat these instead of sugary snacks, and you can kiss your dental woes goodbye.     

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