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5 Foods That Help Fight Tooth Decay I.

Some foods do wonders for the teeth. Our teeth, just like the rest of our body is made up of nutrients, minerals and carbon based compounds. Like the rest of our body, they need the right kinds of nutrients to replenish themselves and without them are subject to decay and damage. Here is a short list of foods that have the right stuff for your teeth and gums. Eating these will not stop tooth decay, but will strengthen your teeth and give them a fighting chance. Remember, a proper diet with rigorous oral health care, coupled with regular dentist checkups is the key to a healthy and pain free oral environment.


Cheese is good for the teeth in a number of ways. The sugars in it (lactose mostly) are not conducive to bacterial growth, it is chock full of calcium, magnesium and contains fluoride, which replenishes the minerals in the teeth. Cheese breaks up biofilm, the sticky material in which bacteria live and that clings to the surface of teeth, meaning less plaque and less cavities.

Kefir and yoghurt

These dairy products also have everything your teeth need to recuperate and replace the minerals that are used up in fighting bacteria. Since they are liquids, they are especially good at breaking up biofilm in hard to reach places. They also stick to the surface of teeth and replenish the enamel with fluorides and calcium.
Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are high in calcium, the second most important mineral in making up tooth enamel (the first being fluoride). Seeds also act as a natural toothbrush, as they scrape the surface of the teeth, removing plaque and tearing up biofilm.



Kiwi is just acidic enough that it does not harm the tooth enamel, but does break up biofilm. Kiwis are also very high in vitamin C and other minerals and micronutrients that protect the gums and periodontium.

Soy milk

Although the overall health benefits of soy are not entirely clear, and there does seem to be some issues with it, the beneficial effect soy products have on teeth and bones is undeniable. Soy milk will coat your teeth in a very beneficial layer of calcium and magnesium, strengthening the enamel, and ingesting it will help your teeth fomr within.

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