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5 Questions and Answers About Dental Implants

How deep do dental implants go? Dental implants are basically artificial tooth roots. They are just as long, and go just as deep as your original tooth roots do in the jawbones. This is roughly two or three centimetres deep.

How long do I have to wait after tooth extraction to get my dental implant?

If you are getting typical traditional tooth implants, you have to wait until the gums are completely healed. This can vary greatly from patient to patient, but it is roughly 3-4 months until everything, including your capillaries, is completely safely healed. In extreme cases, the healing time can go as long as six months.

How long until the blood clot is reabsorbed into the body?

In at most a couple of weeks your wound should be completely healed over. The pain should be gone in around 2-4 days, but you may need to take pain killers for up to a week, to better handle the sensitivity around the wound. As all people react to pain differently, it is hard to pinpoint an exact time, but if the wound isn’t healed after 2 weeks, you need to see your oral surgeon.

Is there any way to expedite the healing time?

There are. The most important thing is to not remove the blood clot once it forms around the wound and the stitches, as this is what will help you heal. Don’t pick at the wound or the stitches; do not suck the wound, as this can remove the blood clot, which will stop the healing process. You may want to take some B vitamins, as this can help you heal.

Can I be asleep during the dental implantation procedure?

Of course you can, you do not need to be awake when inserting your dental implant. The real question though, is whether or not such a 30 minute routine procedure is really worth the sleeping gas and the anaesthesiologist, and the hours of time spent unconscious.

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