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A New Electric Toothbrush User’s Manual

One of the most sought after items this Christmas was an electric toothbrush. This means that many folks out there will get one and realize, with a bit of uncertainty, that they are not sure how to use it. This may seem embarrassing, as electric toothbrushes are so popular now, or maybe you are afraid because the internet has a bunch of different kinds of information. Here is a brief article about what there is to know about electric toothbrushes, and their uses.

Press gently

Some people experience bleeding gums or even missing enamel in the first few months of getting an electric toothbrush. This is because they are pressing their toothbrush against the teeth the same way they would, and with the same force of a regular toothbrush. You should firmly, but gently apply the toothbrush to the surface of the teeth, going from the gums towards the ends of your teeth (more on that in a minute) gently. You should not feel the toothbrush pushing your teeth back, but should feel it on your tooth surface firmly.



Many people become confused about how long the toothbrush needs to be in the mouth, now that they are not moving it about, but that it moves around on its own. The whole ordeal should take about 2 minutes, and each and every corner of each and every tooth should be gone over twice, and rinsed once.


Always brush from the gums down towards the business end of your teeth. This is important no matter what you are brushing with, but it is especially important with electric toothbrushes. The idea is to prevent bacteria from getting jammed into the delicate crevice between tooth and gum. If you brush from the gum down, you are removing everything from the gum and some of the stuff that is impacted below the gums, and are not pushing anything into this little crevice.


At first it may be difficult to reach all of the places that you are used to reaching. This is because the toothbrush is bigger, bulkier, and works in different ways as opposed to your regular toothbrush. You will find out what are the best angles and tricks to get everywhere without gagging. There is one concern though: if you are constantly knocking the machine against your teeth, you may chip a tooth eventually. Just make sure you route around gently, until you find your ideal position.

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