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Advantages Of Porcelain Crowns

All crowns are porcelain on the outside, so why are crowns with porcelain internal structures so much more expensive? Sceptics may want you to believe that it is merely to fool the gullible and quickly part them with their money. But there are real advantages to having a zirconium internal structure, one that is well worth the difference in price. Here are 4 reasons to get zirconium instead of standard crowns!

1) No lines

When light strikes the surface of a crown, the internal structures become visible. In the case of regular old dental implants, the internal structure will be visible as a series of black lines outlined against the surface. Zirconium, of the other hand, is a mineral that plays with light and lets it through only partially, the same way that your natural teeth do, as natural teeth are also filled with minerals. This means that you do not have to worry about that nasty crown look.

2) Shimmering whiteness

Metal crowns can cause the crowns to look black or bluish, as the porcelain layer becomes thinner over time. This can create a very dingy sort of appearance, not the best thing aesthetically speaking. Metal crowns can also cause the gums to shrivel back from the bottom of the crown, creating that typical aesthetic malfunction that is a dead giveaway that the person in question is wearing a crown. Zirconium does not cause the gums to shrivel, and the crowns age much the same way that natural teeth do, giving them the same appearance as the rest of your natural, living teeth.


3) Longevity

Zirconium crowns tend to last longer than metal ones, because mineral based structures tend to fare better when coming into contact with food, saliva and the everyday wear and tear that eating entails. This means that your crowns will stay good for longer, making these crowns more worth it, even if they are a tad bit more expensive.

4) Natural look

The number one reason that patients and cosmetic dentists alike prefer zirconium crowns is that they really do look like natural teeth. They are not the Hollywood white of veneers, they are the same colour as your teeth, and will continue to be so until you get the removed or until you have a whitening session. These crowns stain roughly the same way that natural teeth do, and can be whitened, and react the same to whitening treatments as well.

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