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ASK YOUR DENTIST 2. - Dental Implan

“ I am thinking of getting a dental implant. I am 65 years old, and have had a partial denture for 3 years now. What are my chances? Should I get them? Will I need a bone graft?”

Getting dental implants is a good idea, regardless of your age. There are several questions you should ask yourself, though. First is, are you healthy? Do you have any sort of medical problems, or any sort of conditions that may make your bones weak, or may cause your death? If the answer is yes, than you should reconsider if getting any sort of treatment is worth it. If the answer is yes only to the first question, you should definitely get implants, as they will improve the quality of your life greatly.


Your chances of success are high, but again, there are a few things to consider. Do you have osteoporosis or diabetes? If so, you may be inelligible for a dental implant, in which case your chances of success are very low. Otherwise, your chances are very near one hundred percent, as anyone can get an implant who is eligible for one.

Given that you have had teeth missing and only replaced by a denture for 3 years, ti si more than likely that you will need a bone graft in the affected area. I would have to see the region first, but it is a safe bet to say that you will almost certainly need one in order to have a stable dental implant.

As to whether or not you should get them, well, I can only recommend them. If you would like to chew food properly without the risk of losing any more teeth and of hurting your jaw, than it is a great idea to get them, especially if you believe that you are going to live for longer than 5 more years, and are planning to do so.

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