Black Teeth

If you see any of your teeth turning black, or any black teeth in your mouth, it is a sure sign that something needs to be done immediately, and you absolutely must go to the dentist. It can be because of three things, tooth decay, a dead tooth or a very virulent sort of plaque, but both absolutely need immediate investigation. Here is a breakdown of what must be done to counteract the negative effects of black teeth.

A cavity on the buccal side of the premolar


Certain kinds of plaque are black. If your teeth are “merely” colonised by black plaque and tartar, then you can consider yourself lucky, as this means that you got the better deal. This si still pretty awful, as this kind of plaque is very likely to cause demineralisation of your tooth enamel, and tooth decay pretty soon. It is also usually a result of tar, and is thus carcinogenic, causes periodontitis, and most of all, is very unsightly. Your teeth will appear black and festering, even if they are not, so we highly recommend getting the plaque and tartar removed, as otherwise you risk your social standing.

Tooth decay

Black teeth are traditionally associated with tooth decay, and this is an association that stands. Black teeth are usually the result of tooth decay, meaning that the enamel has been so damaged that the bacterial life living in it has turned the walls of the tooth black. This means the tooth is unstable, and most likely will need to be removed, if the teeth are black, although sometimes the roots may keep good for a surprisingly long amount of time.

Black teeth after root canal treatment

Sometimes a tooth that is not decaying can turn black. If a tooth dies and blood gets into the tooth chamber, the blood starts to decompose and colours the tooth black. This only happens to teeth that have no internal structures, so ones that have been root canaled already. These teeth frequently change from pink to black.

Prevention is the best medicine

You should not let your teeth turn black in your mouth. There are so many signs before things get this serious, that it is hard to believe that patients do not notice them beforehand. Don’t be one of those people who let their fear of the dentist control them and let their teeth rot out of their heads, and do not idle away and put it off: even if it does not hurt black teeth are a very serious problem and need attention immediately!  

A decayed tooth


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