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Bone Regeneration and Dental Implants

The main factor in how long your healing time is going to be is none other than the rate of your bone regeneration, and how quickly your jawbones can return to normal after a dental implant. This is why certain diseases can make it impossible for you to get dental implants: degenerative diseases and mild and very common systemic problems like diabetes and osteoporosis compromise the stability of your jawbone, and thus make it impossible for you to get dental implants. Conversely, there are products out there that can speed up bone regeneration.

Bone regenerative gel

Gels that contain materials to help your jawbone heal quicker after a dental implant is available for use. This material needs to be placed in the socket with the dental implant in order for it to work. The gel contains complicated nanoparticles that link up with the injured bone tissue and form a matrix with them, thus helping you regenerate quicker. The gel consists of peptides, polymers and stem cells that help the bones to heal in and around the textured surface of the dental implant, making the regenerative process quicker and easier.

How it works

Before inserting the dental implant, the dental implantologist needs to make space in the jawbone for the dental implant. This is done by cutting a tiny window into the bone itself, and the dental implant is placed in this tiny window, sometimes with bone enhancing materials, and sometimes with a membrane as well. When this little window is cut into the bone is when the dentist will apply the bone regenerative gel, and place the dental implant in the jawbone. By doing so, the healing time can be cut in half, and the jawbone is more vigorous, and can even make newer cells form the materials in the gel.

Already available

The clinical trials for this product have ended, and it is ready for production, but no pharmaceutical company has so far bought the patent to mass produce this material. Why this is the case remains a mystery, but I am confident that in the future, applying bone regenerative gel to dental implants will be a standard procedure.      

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