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Celebrity teeth: Before and After

Many people wonder about the Hollywood smile; how can these people have such nice smiles all the time? The answer is simple: they are millionaires who spend a considerable amount of time and money on their teeth. Veneers are the key to the Hollywood smile, as well as regular dentist appointments. And the other fact is that most celebrities did not have the beautiful flashy smiles they have now; they had to up their money and get their teeth done. Here are a few pictures of celebrities before and after they had their teeth done.



Cher is one busy woman. She has been on the top of the billboards and charts for the better part of 41 years, and still manages to look attractive. But her Sonny and Cher days saw a much more real life smile, didn’t it?

Cher Lloyd

And speaking of Cher, the darling of X Factor UK, Cher Lloyd is known to have trash talked her own teeth frequently, saying they make her look like a rabbit and was quite shy of smiling. By now, she has definitely overcome this shyness, with the help of veneers and quite a lot of work.

David Bowie

If you look at the Bowie smile in the 70s and the 90s, you can see an intense difference. The early years had a signature crookedness that was devilish and charming, but the more mature image of Bowie did not leave room for such imperfection. The smile that we all now remember is the result of some beautiful veneers and crowns.


Hugh Grant

Britain’s own romcom super hero and heartbreaker Hugh Grant is also known for his beautiful smile that can best be described as sumptuous, and has all the ladies melting. But only partially is this due to Grant’s own genetic material; he has also had extensive work done, as the bottom two pictures make that absolutely clear.

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