Clear Damon Braces

Always at the forefront of adult orthodontics, the revolutionary Damon system is now available in clear, see through version as well. The brackets can only be seen from up close, and are see through, so they allow the light to pass through the brackets, thus hiding them, even when exposed when you smile.

The Damon System

Damon systems are special because of their brackets. The brackets are self ligating, and the wire can be gently guided through the bracket and thus the wire itself exerts force on to your teeth. The brackets can be made to push or pull in any angle, thanks to the great design of the brackets, and this is why we call Damon brackets “self ligating”. Elastics and headgear are never needed as a result to the great design of the brackets. At the activation sessions, the arch wires are changed, and so on tightening of the brackets occurs, which results in less discomfort. The Damon system braces also work faster, and can cut your treatment time down by as much as half the time.


Clear Brackets

The clear brackets have the same properties of self ligation as the normal Damon brackets. The only difference is that instead of metal, these brackets are made of a see through ceramic material. The archwire is usually made of metal, but it is a thin piece of wire, and is not conspicuous. Alternatively, poly fiber archwires are also available. This way they are virtually invisible, and can only be seen if the patient is speaking face to face with someone.

Perhaps the only negative thing about the Damon system is that they are considerably more expensive than traditional braces, because a series of archwires needs to be manufactured and bought, and the brackets cost more as well. But the money is well spent, as the Damon brace is more comfortable, acts quicker and thus the braces need to be worn for shorter periods of time, and they are more sightly, especially if they are see through, as no elastics or tighteners will be visible, and the Damon system does not need a rapid palatal expander, either. The brackets also make sure that you do not have speech impediments that traditional braces sometimes can cause.

All in all, this is a brace that is well worth considering if you are an adult professional, as many of us cannot be seen with a mouth full of metal.  

Price: £5,8/D

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