D- Vitamins and Your Teeth

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential to maintaining healthy teeth, not to mention healthy neurological functions, digestion and bones. While micronutrients and amino acids are very important, they are frequently found in dietary supplements. But one vitamin, vitamin D is usually not included in multivitamins. This material can be found in fats and oils, and is usually found in gel caps that contain only the vitamin and some other essential oils.

D Vitamin deficiency

D vitamins contribute not just to the bone marrow as previously believed, but also to the immune system, not to mention to the health of your bones and teeth. Cells also use d vitamins to function, so this is an essential component of your body. Its effects go all throughout the body, and it has a positive effect on your brain and on your central nervous system as well.

At first, D vitamin deficiency has all the typical symptoms of “something wrong”; tiredness, irritability, and a weakening of the immune system leading to the rise of opportunistic infections (like the flu or the common cold). But over time, the structure of the bones can change, and not at all in a pleasant way- they can become more porous and more prone to damage. Aside from this, there are negative, long lasting psychological and neurological problems as well, as your nerves can get damaged if they are overused and there is no D vitamin to help them along. Another common symptom is an increased likelihood of respiratory infections.


D vitamins and your teeth

Your teeth are affected in two ways by the lack of D vitamins. Since it is one of the many things that fuel your immune system, a lack of it will cause a proliferation of certain oral microbes and bacteria in the mouth, as the immune system will be unable to suppress them. This can lead to periodontitis, an increased risk of cavities and all sorts of dental malaise. The other effect is on the teeth directly, as the cells in your teeth use D vitamins to replace minerals. If they do not get them, they start to decay, as they cannot get minerals to replace the used up ones.

Where to get it

D vitamins are available in most health food stores in the form of tasteless gel caps. More adventurous people might try cod liver oil, as it is chock full of vitamins D, B and A, not to mention Omega fatty acids. But the best place, as always is from foods; dairy, eggs and fish (particularly cod) have them in large quantities, while beans contain trace amounts of the substance.


You can overdose on D vitamins, and the symptoms are the same as with any mild poisoning; diarrhoea, vomiting, itchy skin, thirst and milder cases may include loss of appetite and tiredness.  

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