Dental Crown Process

When A Crown Is Needed

When a tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent that the cusps are missing, a crown is needed. If your tooth gets knocked out or broken, and it cannot be repaired, it is time for a dental crown. If your tooth is decayed or infected, and during the reparation process, or during a root canal treatment so much of the tooth is removed that the cusps are completely gone or are still there but cannot perform their function, a crown will be needed. If the tooth is no longer or just barely visible because it has broken down to the gum line, you can be sure that a crown will be needed to reinstate normal chewing function. When teeth are missing or unable to help out in biting or chewing, undue pressure is put on to other teeth, and that may even affect the functioning of the jaw as well, which can lead to jaw dysfunctions and TMJ problems, discomfort and pain. To read more about getting a dental crown, click here. 

First Visit

During the first visit, a consultation will be necessary to determine if a dental crown is right for you. After all, your tooth may be too far gone and an extraction may be necessary, or the problem may be solved with an inlay. If it is determined that you need a crown, your tooth may need to be root canaled or filled before a crown can be put on it. This will also take place on the first visit. It is important that all dental procedures that need to be made on the tooth in order to restore it to health be done before the crown is placed on top of the tooth, as later on removing the crown may cause the crown to be damaged, and is an all around unpleasant procedure.  


Second Visit

After the tooth has been cleaned, and all dental procedures to nurse it back to health have been performed, the next step is to shape the tooth. Your tooth will get what is commonly referred to as an “aesthetic shoulder”. This is a shape that conforms to the inner portion of the crown. This means that your tooth will be shaped so that the crown can fit on it without any trouble. An impression of your tooth will be taken, and after about a week (the time it takes to make a dental crown), you can come back for the final phase of the treatment. You will also choose a color for the crown, or you can have your dentist suggest one to you. A temporary crown will also be provided, to hold you over for that one week until your final crown is made. A temporary crown is like a real crown, but made of a weaker material, and it may be the case that the temporary crown breaks or chips off. If this happens, do not worry about it, the temporary crown does not reflect, in any clinic, the quality of the final product.


When you come back for your final crown, you will be allowed a trial. This is a 15 minute session in which the doctor places the crown on your shaped tooth, and you can see if the shape, size and color are to your liking. If they are not, the crown feels too high or the color is not right, be sure to mention it, and the dentist will make you a new one, or try to adjust the crown so that it will be good. if you find everything to be in order during your trial period, the dentist will adhere the crown to your tooth permanently. You will have, in essence, a new tooth, and can go about your daily business from then on.

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