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Dental Implant Caused Toothache

When you get a dental implant, you can be sure that the first month or so is not going to be pleasant. After that, though, it should be smooth sailing. Dental implant complications are extremely rare, but they can occur. Tooth implant pain is even rarer. Some amount of pain is to be expected, seeing as this is an invasive oral surgical procedure, which will definitely involve drilling a hole in your jawbone and inserting a titanium screw into it. But after the body has accepted the dental implant, there should be no residual pain what so ever, maybe just a little soreness and some bruising.

Toothache Caused By Dental Implants

If your dental implant is hurting you, you can be sure that something is wrong. Wait 72 hours after implantation, and wait for the swelling to recede. If it does not recede, but gets worse and bigger, than you have a bacterial infection, and need to take antibiotics and may need to be reimplanted. But if the swelling has gone down and you are still feeling pain, then that probably means that either the dental implant is too close to the nerve or that some structure is in the way of the dental implant. In these cases the implantation needs to be repeated.

implant toothache

Adjacent teeth

Toothache caused by dental implants is a weird tale altogether. Since there is no tooth above the dental implant, it is rarely realized that the dental implant is causing toothache. Usually the neighboring teeth will be affected. This is because the implant is either touching some part of the tooth (usually a part below the gumline), or it is pressing down on the nerve and the pain is radiating to the next tooth. In both of these cases the dental implantation needs to be repeated. Sometimes, the stress of having the procedure done can inflame a nerve, and this can manifest in a toothache on a completely healthy tooth, even if the dental implant is far enough from the nerve that it is not affecting it at all.

Dental implant pain

Over all, you should feel no discomfort, no movement, and you should not feel that the dental implant is “touching” anything. The dental implant should feel like a part of your jawbone, and should be entirely indiscernible from it. So if you feel that ti is there, even if it does not cause pain, something is wrong and a dentist needs to see the dental implant as soon as possible.

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