Dental implant complications

The human body is an incredibly complex system, that currently seems like is beyond the scope of human understanding. While we understand the general laws and conditions which govern and affect the human body and many of the mechanisms that it uses to protect itself, we do not understand the minutia that can mean the difference between life and death, and we do not understand how things affect each other exactly. Because of this, a significant portion of modern medicine is basically a race to stop, curtail and minimize the complications brought on by interventions we perform to save lives. Dentistry is one such branch of medicine, and dental implantation, the procedure by which artificial tooth roots are drilled into the jawbone to replace extracted teeth is a procedure that also can have some complications.


Although 98% of dental implantations end in a successful placement of a dental implant, sometimes things just do not work out. The main problem that everyone knows of and fears the most is contracting a bacterial infection during the dental implantation session. This is one of the most likely things to go wrong, because the oral cavity is just teeming with bacteria. It is possible that even the most circumspect dentist may miss a spot, and may not find a bacterial infection. To top all of this off, you may have an entirely invisible bacterial infection as well, like one that is below the gingival, or somewhere deep within the folds of the palate; such an infection would be invisible, but would end up infecting the implantation site.

implant comlication


The dental implants are supposed to be placed in a way as to make sure that they are housed on all sides and kept firm by the bones and tissues of the alveolus, the jawbone and the gingiva and periodontium. If a dental implant is improperly placed, it is not completely drilled into the jawbone, than it will be given a little bit of room to move about. Now when I say move about, I am talking about what is referred to as “micro-movements”, which is generally a fraction of a millimeter at a time, usually in just in one direction. But those small movements do go on, and over time, as the dental implant is harder than any tissue in the body, the tissues around the dental implant will be worn away by these micro movements, causing the dental implant to do more and more damage as time progresses. Quite a scary situation indeed. It is extremely rare for this to occur, and usually dental implant failure due to friction and micro movements does not start to be an issue until at least ten or fifteen years have passed with the dental implants performing perfectly fine.

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