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Dental Implants During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate time, as the unborn fetus is also using the mother’s blood supply and immune system to exist, and thus the soon to be mother’s system is taxed very hard. This is why there are more cases of bleeding gums or tooth decay during pregnancy; bacteria that are otherwise suppressed by the immune system can proliferate as the immune system is overtaxed. But, because of this fact, dental interventions are a super important part of prenatal care. What is the solution then, to get it, or to not get it? And what about dental implants during pregnancy?


Dental implants when expecting

Usually, only dental procedures that are absolutely necessary, and that have a strengthening effect on then immune system are recommended during pregnancy. Abscess treatment, periodontal treatment, fillings, root canals and hygiene sessions are usually done during this time, and more serious procedures, like dental implants, for example, are done after the delivery. If you already have a missing tooth and are afraid that of losing more gum matter, and simply cannot wait for 9 more months, you are not out of luck, as you can get a dental implant during pregnancy. It is just not recommended, as it taxes the immune system.

Why is dental implant not recommended?

During dental implantation, the chances for a secondary infection are quite high, and as the immune system is taxed during pregnancy, it is perhaps better to wait. Getting a dental implant requires a complex dental procedure that can involve anaesthetic, x-rays and perhaps even antibiotics. While all three of these can be okay, having all of these factors present may contribute to complications during pregnancy. It is therefore not recommended, but is not explicitly dangerous to the health of the baby or the mother.

The first trimester

While getting dental implants later in pregnancy is not recommended but permissible, the first trimester is entirely off limits. This is a very sensitive time, when the unborn child is first developing, and is doing very important things, like growing and setting organs and limbs, and any interference in this time can be devastating. It is not recommended to do anything but hygiene treatments during this time, and to get any necessary dental treatments done after around 13 weeks.

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