Dental Implant FAQ 1.

We have had the opportunity to talk to thousands of patients who were genuinely interested in getting dental implants. This has helped us to hear thousands of questions, complaints, misunderstandings and preconceptions regarding dental implants. Because of this, we have decided to run an FAQ of the most popular questions asked of us, so that patients can educate themselves before undergoing this cumbersome procedure.

Dental Implant FAQ 1.
Dental Implant FAQ 1.

Are there differences between dental implants? Is it worth it to buy more expensive dental implants?

As with all things, higher quality, more expensive dental implants are usually better and last longer on average. The very important thing is to see what kind of guarantee the dental implant comes with. More expensive dental implants can be the same quality as a lower price category, but come with a longer guarantee that covers more instances of damage. Dental implants, whatever their quality, are subject to extreme scrutiny and are checked meticulously by health agencies, national and international authorities and sometimes even the local health authorities, as they are considered a medical device, and the legislation surrounding such a device is always very circumspect and specific.

If dental implants last a lifetime, why is my guarantee only for 5 years?

Dental implants are produced in factories from very high quality, special materials. The guarantee on it is a manufacturer’s guarantee, and it means that the factory and the company running the factory guarantee that this dental implant will not fail due to any problems with the materials or the production of the dental implant, and this they guarantee for a set amount of years. If the dental implant fails or has any sort of problem during this time, then they will give a new one or completely refund the old one. This does not mean that the dental implant will only last as long as the guarantee does, though, it merely means that any problems with the dental implant should become apparent within this time frame.

What if the dental implant is fine, but it was put in wrong?

Aside from the manufacturers guarantee, the dentist who does the procedure must also assume guarantees for the procedure itself, guarantees that the dental implant makers themselves cannot assume, as they are not present during the implantation. This changes from clinic to clinic. Make sure you understand fully what the dentist is responsible for, what rights you have, and what kind of insurance you have in case anything goes wrong.

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