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Dental implants and electronic toothbrushes

The existence of dental implants has raised many an eyebrow and over a very wide range of topics, as can be expected, and this is only natural. After all, we are talking about a tiny screw made from a rare heavy metal that is not rejected by the body, but is drilled into the jawbone and serves the function of natural teeth. Caution, and a healthy dose of curiosity over the subject is hardly surprising.

What is it made of exactly? How long does it last? How much does it cost? How do you clean it?

This last question is one that has got a lot of people wondering, and surprisingly many questions about electric toothbrushes can also be seen. Here, we shall try and answer some of them to the best of our ability. Let’s start a nice FAQ on electric toothbrushes and dental implants!

Can you use electric toothbrushes to clean dental implants/ Is it safe to use an electric toothbrush to clean dental implants?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use an electric toothbrush to clean your dental implants, so do not worry.

Are all brands of electric toothbrush safe to use on dental implants?

Yes, absolutely all brands of electric toothbrush are safe to use with dental implants. If the electric toothbrush has been scrutinized by any sort of consumer protection agency, they will have thought of consumers with dental implants.


If dental implants are made of metal, and electric toothbrushes run on electricity, shouldn’t dental implants conduct electricity from the toothbrush?

There are two reasons why this is not an issue. First and foremost, the electricity in a toothbrush should stay in the parts that do not touch your mouth or gums, as otherwise they would shock you. Electric toothbrushes are quite waterproof as well, so need to worry. But titanium, although a heavy metal and thus a conductor, is a very weak conductor of electricity.

Can the motion of the electric toothbrush dislodge the dental implant?

The motion of an electric toothbrush should not be strong enough to dislodge the dental implant at all, nowhere near it, in fact. If your dental implant moves about while brushing, then you need to be reimplanted. neither the circular or the up and down motions should be anywhere near powerful enough to move, dislodge or in anyway threaten the stability of your dental implant.

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