Denture Retention Implants

denture-retentionThe incredible popularity of dental implant mounted denture stabilization is changing the way dental implant manufacturers are thinking of their industry. Using four small diameter dental implants to stabilize dentures to the lower jaw have become a quite normal and routine thing to do, and are now gaining popularity like never before. Because of this, special dental implants, ones that are even more adept at fulfilling their task have been manufactured.

The Difference

The question arises naturally, how are these dental implants different from your standard, regular dental implants? First and foremost, they are mini implants, or small diameter dental implants, meaning that they are smaller in diameter than regular dental implants, so they do not tax the jaw as much as regular dental implants would, which is good news for those of us who wear dentures. If you have had teeth missing for a long time, your alveolar tissue will have all but disappeared, meaning that you may not be able to house a regular dental implant at all. This is why these dental implants are small in diameter.

These dental implants are fitted with heads that make them especially adept at receiving the necessary apparatus that are needed for denture stabilization. They have a special rounded head that makes them fit very well into an o-ring (a rubber ring that is a few millimeters in length, and a necessary part of denture stabilization), and their shape is very much arrow like. This shape resembles the roots of front teeth, and as the denture is stabilized in the front of the mouth, this also makes perfect sense.


The fact that the dental market is changing in order to accommodate the demands of customer should not be surprising, or indeed news, that is the way a healthy market that’s in touch with its customers- which medical markets have to be, by definition- operates. But these changes should fill us with glee, as this market, at least is behaving in a customer friendly way, and in this day and age, which seems to be an ever more precious, decreasing commodity.

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