Dr Aggeli’s Magic Fluid

Dream of a day without dental drills? It might be much closer than you think. Researchers from the University of Leeds School of Chemistry have found a way to not only stop but actually reverse tooth decay.

Every time we eat, we’re creating a hostile environment in our mouths. Even diligent brushing directly after every bite can’t completely win the battle between acids, plaque, and our pearly whites. Until now, the only guarantee against decay would be to not eat at all. Until now.


Paint this new self-assembling material onto teeth and a fibrous network fills the micro-holes that would hitherto have turned into cavities. Calcium, the building block of our chompers, finds peptide P11-4 irrisistibly attractive, using it as the support structure for natural repair. No more pain, just a paint job.

With the help of licencee credentis ag, the magic fluid has already undergone the first rounds of human testing. Fingers crossed for round two.

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