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Environmentally Friendly At Home Oral Care

With the growing concern over environmental issues that have become ubiquitous throughout the world, many industries and industrialists are taking a good look around their backyard to see how they can reduce emissions, go biodegradable, and in general be cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Dentistry is no exception. The universal ban on mercury, and the efforts to try and remove the toxic substance was cemented by the Minamata convention, and many countries have signed on, and even more are making pledges to do so in the foreseeable future. Although this is a good start, there is always more to be done.

The True Brush

The self-proclaimed “World’s 1st Natural Toothbrush” is a step in this direction. Using a centuries old method, the true brush cleans your teeth without toothpaste and without the use of water. The product is a piece of the root of the Peelu tree, a Mediterranean tree long sought after for its healing qualities. The bark is peeled from the root, and the ends are fashioned into bristles, so it is very effective at removing plaque, the bark has natural antibiotic properties. The brush also refreshes the breath and keeps teeth white. A single brush can be used up to 20 times, and is completely biodegradable. What’s more, to show their commitment to their communities, the company spends every second dollar of profits on the homeless.


As things stand

Currently, the True Brush is only available at select retail outlets, as the project sis till in the prototype phase. It has been tested and approved, and has been named safe for human use, and the company is currently looking for investors to be able to produce more brushes and to get them to more retailers. You can help fund the project at www.kickstarter.com
The company is already making a name for itself in Colorado and California, and has won numerous awards in that area.

The Peelu Tree

The tree that is used to manufacture this product has been used in the Middle East for centuries, and is quite common there. It is commonly referred to as the toothbrush tree. This tree is special because aside from having antibacterial properties and enzymes that break up biofilm, the roots also contain fluoride, essential in daily oral health care.

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