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ASK YOUR DENTIST 19. - Extraction at home

“Dear Doctor,

I never go to the dentist, as i believe that the private medical industry is a ginat scam. Humans can pretty much fix anything that happens to them. Anyways, one of my teeth are rotten pretty bad, and it is starting to hurt. I want to extract it by myself at home. I was wondering if my nerve can be damaged, and what method I should use for the least amount of pain. I have local anaesthetic at home. Don’t even try to tell me to go to a dentist, I will do this at home. I am just looking for helpful tips. Thanks,


Dear Mallory,

Please do not extract your own tooth at home. You can end up bleeding to death. I don’t know what kind of dentists you have been seeing until now, but judging by your letter to me, you need to seek medical help, if nothing else, then for your tooth.

The other thing is, you just asked for my help, but then told me that I cannot give you advice that will actually help you. You need to see a dentist. You cannot extract teeth at home, the chances of something serious going seriously wrong is just too high. Your teeth do not end at the gum line Mallory. The rot in your teeth may have spread to other teeth, to the soft tissue surrounding your rotten tooth, not to mention under the apex of your tooth root. When you extract, you will be in incredible pain if you are lucky, and will not be able to see if a cyst or any other bacterial infection is present anyway, because everything will be covered in your own blood. Extractions involve a lot of blood, and if not done by a professional, they can even lead to the patient bleeding out and dying.

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But aside from this, much more frequent and less exotic terrible things can happen, too. For instance, your face can go numb. Feel the side of your face. Your teeth go down all the way into your face, until where your jaw bone starts to thicken out towards the bottom there. You will be pulling tooth roots out from that depth, unless you mess up and it comes out of the side of your face. The tooth can also break and start to rot down there in your face. But if you do manage to pull it out without any of these things happening, let me tell you that there are nerves and other tooth roots down there as well. Your whole face can go numb, you can lose your sense of smell, taste and feeling in your face. And if there are other tooth roots touching or overlapping your roots, you can literally eviscerate your own face, and losing a bunch of teeth in the process. Dentists usually go and x-ray their patients before they start to pull teeth. If you do not have an x-ray, you will end up hurting yourself so bad, you will need a hospital just to survive. Please just go to a dentist. It takes like 45 minutes to pull your tooth. You can even get it done free with the NHS. This is serious business, it requires years of studying and practice. Do not try and attempt to do it at home. Thank you.  

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