Fluoride Overdose

As the internet is rife with rumours and misinformation, it is time to clear the air (again) over some concerns that somehow have a long shelf life and keep on coming back to haunt the minds of patients searching for information. The concern over fluoride is topical, because it has risen yet again, and just like a few years ago, it will turn out to be a complete hoax and based on a serious misunderstanding of what fluoride overdose is, how fluoride works and how harmful it is to people. Below, I will be dealing with these issues, and also mention what a fluoride overdose looks like.


Drinking water

Although the fluoridation of drinking water has been a general trend in the United States since the late 60s, and has shown nothing but a massive improvement in the lives of the people it has affected, it is still a favourite topic of conspiracy nuts. While it is absolutely true that ingesting too much fluoride will damage your nervous system, and can even cause truly serious problems, you would have to drink around 10 litres of highly fluoridated water in a very short amount of time to hit the lower levels of overdose. Those who are critical of fluoride in the drinking water never claim that the government is incompetent and may have an accident in which they raise the fluoride levels, the concern is always a conscious poisoning of the drinking water to get docile citizens, which is absurd, because the neurological response to fluoride overdose is unpredictable, and does not result in being more docile or even in being coherent. Interestingly enough, rising fluoride levels in gels, ointments and toothpaste are never mentioned. I guess people are afraid of government tampering with their drinking water, and in the case of an incompetent, or corrupt or neglectful government, this is a legitimate concern. But to suspect a well thought out attempt at mind control is pushing it.

Symptoms of fluoride overdose

Fluoride, if consumed in massive quantities will have negative effects on the nervous system. It can also cause ulcers and irritation of the bowels, as the intestines do not like the presence of fluorides. Fluorosis, the condition in which there is a build-up of fluoride in the body that makes you sick almost only occurs in communities with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride. 

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