Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is nothing to be afraid of, and it is also not a very specific thing at all, it is merely the name for a number of procedures that are used to nurse a mouth back to health that has a lot of things wrong with it. Dentists are usually willing to give an entire package meant to rehabilitate your smile and your teeth for a reduced price under the aegis of full mouth reconstruction, and usually for much less than what it would cost if you would pay for each procedure separately.


What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Dentists usually invoke the name of full mouth reconstruction when they need to do more than “just” place dental implants, and that certain other things besides replacing missing teeth, or extracting teeth that are too far gone and then replacing them might entail. It may be as simple as also needing a course of antibiotics, or it may be much more complex. Very frequently hygiene sessions and aesthetic procedures are also part of full mouth reconstruction, but dental prosthetics and different procedures meant to combat periodontitis are also common.


How to know what will happen

When you have not been to the dentist for a while, and have several things wrong with your mouth, or have systemic issues like a discolouration or an unpleasant smell, or perhaps bleeding gums or general tooth sensitivity, then you can be sure that a full mouth reconstruction is coming. Basically a full mouth reconstruction will have three aims:

1)      Restore proper function of teeth

Having teeth that are painful or missing in part or in full make it difficult to eat, speak or chew, things that are essential for human life. By getting a post and core you are making sure that you regain proper function, and can use your teeth for what they were meant for. Procedures like dental crowns, root canal treatments, tooth fillings, oral surgery and periodontal cleansing and dental implants are the ones that are usually used in order to restore proper function.

2)      Restore the teeth aesthetically

Removing tartar and plaque, as well as root scaling and whitening sessions are what can be used in order to make the teeth look new again. These procedures are also medically beneficial for the teeth, but are primarily an aesthetic issue.  

3)      Restore general oral health    

Oral surgery and periodontal care, as well as a course of antibiotics are what can be sued in order to create a healthy oral environment and healthy soft tissues. This is necessary to make sure that the teeth that have been saved can be kept healthy for as long as possible. 


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